Pre-Festival Program – English Version

Friday 4 May. h.5:30/7:30 PM Casa delle culture, medaglia d’oro square, 4.

Journalism and immigration: A course for the schools

Preparatory workshop for teachers held by Silvia Manzani, professional journalist and collaborator of the weekly Setteserequi and by Barbara Gnisci, doctor in psychology, educator and collaborator of the same weekly. They will also lead the practical meetings of journalism aimed at young people.

An aperitif will follow to finish the evening.

Curated by Media Romagna


SATURDAY 12, 19 MAY and 4 JUNE from 5,30 pm to 7,30 pm Parco di Teodorico (in case of bad weather: Palestra Lo zodiaco, Viale Mattei, 26)

Afro dance workshop-stage. Folk and traditional dances with live percussion. Lead by Denise Galassi and Aurora Angelica Montanari

Organized by Società Dolce and Takadum ACSD


SUNDAY 13 MAY from 15.30 Rocca Brancaleone

Training to compete for the 1st sungka tournament, the national game of the Philippines, which will be played on June 9th and 10th at the Festival delle Culture (the 1st knockout tournament reserved for:

Yuniores 9 – 14 years accompanied / Seniors from 15 years onwards. )

Sungka is a fun strategy game that requires concentration, patience and the ability to develop your own mathematical strategy of the game. The denominator of this game is the sacral symbolic gestures of sowing.

Organized by the Italian-Filipino Association Mabuhay and the Association Terra Mia


TUESDAY MAY 15: from 17.30 to 20 Casa Maria Via Trieste 124

Casa Maria’s good neighborly party. The shelter for women seeking asylum opens up in the neighborhood to meet “near and far from home”

Organized by Coop Sociale Società dolce


WEDNESDAY 16 MAY after the sunset (from 8.30 pm) in front of the Basilica of S. Apollinare in Classe

Observation of the first crescent moon

According to Islamic tradition the observation of the first crescent of Moon marks the entry into the new lunar month, which on this particular occasion will be the month of Ramadan.

The observation takes place with the support of astronomical instruments installed at the observation point. Expert astrophiles will guide the observation, distribute dissemination material and will be available to the public. After the observation of the Moon, we will continue with the observation of the planets Venus and Jupiter, present in the evening sky.

Observation is free participation.

Organized by the Associazione Ravennate Astrofili Rheyta


THURSDAY 17th MAY 21.00 Cinema Jolly

Itaker. Prohibited to Italians (2012) “A film that reminds us when we were leaving

The story of a trip from Italy to Germany, in 1962. Pietro was born, a 9-year-old son orphan of a mother, who left to find his father who had emigrated, of whom there has been no news for some time.

A comparison follows – conference with Father Gabriele Beltrami

Organized by the Italian-Filipino Association Mabuhay in collaboration with the Centro Studi Immigrazione / Scalabrini Communication Office of Rome and the church of San Rocco – Cinema Jolly


THURSDAY 17 MAY at 21.00 Teatro Rasi

“il treno della vita”

Theatrical performance, texts by Andrea Contarini and Evelina Drianovska, directed by Evelina Drianoska

The proceeds will be donated to the Romagnolo Oncological Institute of Ravenna for research activities and to the Tam Tam basket team of Naples.

Organized by the Italo-Bulgarian Cultural Association Cianove


TUESDAY 22 MAY 5.00 pm Municipal Gallery Vicolo degli Ariani Ravenna

Sustainable trips to discover Senegal

proposal of sustainable tourism trips in Senegal, story of the activities of a Senegalese cultural enterprise and solidarity aperitifs.

opening days 22, 23, 29, 30, 31 May and 1 June. Hours: from 17.00 to 21.00

Curated by Kër Théậtre Mandiaye N’Ddiaye


TUESDAY 22 MAY: from 17.30 to 20.00 Casa Dunya

Via S.Gaetanino, 27

Good neighborhood party of Casa Dunya

Exhibition of Giulia Scandolara’s works as an artistic and poetic diary of the “Insieme danzando” project meetings

Organized by social coop Società dolce


FRIDAY 25 MAY from 6.30 pm in via T. Gulli 249 a / b

acer gullinsieme aperitif diner party with music.

From 9.00 pm at Pala de Andrè “a look towards the sky“, astronomical observations with Ass. Ravennate Astrofili Rheyta


FRIDAY 25 MAY 19.00 Cloisters of the Oriani library Via Corrado Ricci, 26

“Mappa Mundi”

Installation of Abra degli Esposti

sCulture sComposte (disOrdered sCulptures) are formed in the place of the present. Fragments of lived matter, of existence in transformation, so inside so outside.

Dedicated to all the migrant souls on this earth, seeking peace and sharing.

“in • con• tra the inaugural narrative-sculptural performance of Alessandro Conte with Abra degli Esposti

Words, actions, sounds, and stories to compose that archipelago in which we all live: life!

The marvelous map of existence through the routes that lead to encounters.

Do parallel cultures never meet or meet indefinitely?

The installation will remain open to the public until Friday 8 June, every weekday from 9.00 to 13.30; Tuesday, Thursday afternoon from 15.00 to 18.30; Saturday 2 June from 10.00 to 13.00 – from 17.00 to 20.00.

Organized by the RibellARTI Association


Sunday 26 May from 10:30 A.M casa delle culture

presentation of the volume by Giancarlo Dall’Ara titoled “Migranti, realtà e sfide di richiedenti asilo” (reality and challenges of the asylum seekers)

Pontevecchio, 2018

Curated by association Life Onlus, Lab Insan.


Sunday 27 May from 3:00 to 7:00 P.M

Parco delle Mani Fiorite via Eraclea.

Game right day. Games, labs and snack time.

Edited by inter-associative table for the promotion of  ludic culture in partnership with the Department of instruction and environment.


SUNDAY 27th MAY at 5:30 pm Municipal Planetarium of Ravenna

Conference show Ius lunae.The elusive Hilal. How difficult is it to see the first crescent moon after the New Moon? Astronomical conversation open to the public, speaker Paolo Morini with live music interpreted by Safa Solati at the piano. Free admission – booking recommended.

By ass. Ravennate Astrophiles Rheyta


TUESDAY 29 MAY: from 18.30 in via Grado 80,

neighbors’ party

Let’s party to increase conviviality, strengthen ties and solidarity, to break loneliness and isolation. Together it’s more beautiful!



TUESDAY 29 MAY: 5.30 pm Spadolini Oriani library

Via Corrado Ricci, 26

Presentation of the book by Marina Mannucci,  Vite non conformi” “Non-compliant lives” Fernandel Editore, 2018

The author talks about it with the director Fabrizio Varesco


SATURDAY 2 and SUNDAY 3 JUNE from 10.00 to 17.00 Centro Quake Via Eraclea

In continuity with the participated theater workshop, the 2nd edition of the full immersion stage returns to Ravenna as part of the path that will lead to the Festival delle Culture Edition 2018

We will work on the construction of a street action, “Action for open citizenship”

Will be two days of laboratory with all the people who will want to exchange thoughts and ideas, eager to know street theater as an artistic and communication form, meeting and deeply human exchange

The theater can be a concrete and incisive way to dialogue with the city and is an effective means of communication between and with people


THURSDAY 7 JUNE 6.30 pm Pop Up dock

inauguration of the photographic exhibition by Mirco Battistini (educator of the youth center Quake) “we, children of the Gulli”

30 shots, 30 faces, 30 looks in a neighborhood that has new stories to tell.





THURSDAY 14 JUNE 2018 after the sunset (from 8.30 pm) in front of the Basilica of S. Apollinare in Classe

Observation of the first crescent Moon after the New Moon. According to the most orthodox Islamic tradition the observation of this crescent Moon will mark the beginning of the month following Ramadan, the month of Shawwal

Organized by the Associazione Ravennate Astrofili Rheyta


FRIDAY ’15 JUNE at 20.15 Teatro Grande Ferro R (Pala De Andrè)

“Sculture Sonore: Rinascita” by Abra degli Esposti, with Abra Degli Esposti and Simone Marzocchi

Destruction, Death, detachment from one’s own land, induce one to let someone or something important go. But while one dream dies another one is born. This interactive Performance is a ritual of collective Rebirth, to be experienced and experienced in the sublime Tempo dell’Arte. Organized by the RiBellArti Association in collaboration with Legambiente Salvalarte and in partnership with the Councilorship for Culture of the Municipality of Ravenna.





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